Huron, Pioneer, and Skyline High Schools

The Ann Arbor School District, in partnership with the University of Michigan Center for Educational Outreach (CEO) and the Center for Afro-American and African Studies (CAAS) program partnered initiating a “Rising Scholars” program. By reaching out to our underserved but high achieving students we intend to decrease the documented achievement gap. The Rising Scholars program has three main goals: 1) to address achievement disparities of under-served but high achieving students; 2) to enroll selected students into accelerated (AC) and advanced placement (AP) courses; and 3) to academically prepare these students for the global community and enrollment into top ranked college and universities.

To address these goals, a group of economically disadvantaged/underserved 8th grade students with high reading scores, grade point averages and other scores were invited to join Rising Scholars along with an equal number of African American and Latino students who met the criteria but could not be classified as economically disadvantaged. These students have the potential to do well in accelerated (AC) and advanced placement (AP) classes, but research has proven that additional support is needed as well as encouragement to take such classes.

Social, economic and political equality require that all marginalized and disadvantaged students have access to high-quality education. With the development of our Rising Scholars Program we have transformed a structure that has statistically proven unsuccessful for many underserved but high achieving students, beginning in their freshmen year.

Victor Kennerly Ph.D., LPC
Ann Arbor Schools

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